family farm days

Every year a local dairy farm opens up their fields for a Family Farm Day(s), and attend it, we do! They have a wagon ride through an actual dairy barn, a scavenger hunt, animals to pet, free chocolate milk and ice cream (yum!) and of course the biggest draw for my boys, a corn kernel table. This year my mama and Lena joined us too! 

It was so so so so hot and yucky out, just the perfect day to ride through a dairy barn while they were spraying them down with water from the fans... onto our faces. I just love my mom's face in that photo! But hey they make excellent milk right?  And no, I'm not hurting Letty in that last photo she just really hates the sun in her eyes? But I mean if you forget your sunglasses that's on you. Right?
And hey hey we made our local newspaper's video all about this event! Well, Letty did. Right around the 37 second mark. Famous little thing, that Letty!

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