a quick jaunt on the appalachian trail

Another day another post of the Kerri Chronicles! We sure love our family hikes, and we will drive to great lengths just to get to a good one. We had never been on the Appalachian Trail before, but my brother and Sadie had recently and there was just a really pretty overlook (Matt's favorite) so that's where we headed. The view at the overlook was gorgeoussssss, and then when we kept on walking we found a pretty open field overlooking the same area that had me singing The Hills Are Alive. In my head, of course, I don't sing so good. Totally worth the drive if you ask me, even if it was forty minutes. Each way.

David thought we made it to Georgia before we turned around, and sure kid, let's imagine we all walked the entire way to Georgia... I'm sure all the hikers on the AT were so thrilled when we all left them to their previously peaceful surroundings...

Some of these photos are Kerri's, naturally.



  1. ah this hike! it made me happy. minus pants. but i digress. these photos make me miss PA and you all! just wish we could have walked longer :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. ACK! Y'all were so close to me in GEORGIA!
    What beautiful weather for such a hike.
    I think y'all would really love Smoky Mountain National Park. There's so much to do and learn. We vacationed there several years with other families when I was little. We'd rent cabin in Maggie Valley, have BBQs, tube the rivers, and always visited the Cherokee Reservation because hey, we're 1/4 Cherokee.

  3. Definitely worth the drive! How pretty. Are those people sitting on the very edge? How far is that drop off? They have balls. Eeek! I love and adore all of the pictures.

  4. There is definitely nothing peaceful about hiking with kids! :-P Those views are gorgeous!

  5. i meannn! that is a gorgeous overlook!! wow!!! i am so glad you guys had a good time... exploring and walking to georgia haha!


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