a day of days, or a thursday

We recently had ourselves a little visit with my very best girlfriend from college, up from sunny Florida for a few days. And boy did we ever fill those days! Kerri's from Orlando so I mean, they have a lot of things to do down there. Starts with a "D" and rhymes with "misney." Every time she comes up here I make sure to just really tie on the dog and think of as many fun things as possible for our days. 

First up! Was a quick visit to Kitchen Kettle Village to get an "I Heart Intercourse" shirt. It's a thing, people. Other oddly named towns in our county being Blue Ball and Bird-in-Hand. I hear the snickers, and it's okay.  Then we took the boys strawberry picking, because unlike earlier in the week, it was a gorgeous, warm, sunny day. I took her to a different farm than we normally go to, Myers Strawberries, and I just loved it! We got to ride a gator out to the fields which one son loved and one hated, you can guess who. The berries at this farm were riper and sweeter and bigger and more bountiful so it took no time at all to fill up our quarts. David took the camera for a little and I find it just so interesting, his angle. He took a photo of the man a few rows down from us "because he was doing such a good job picking" he said...
Once Letty got off the school bus we immediately headed out once more to the town of Lititz. We hit up Wilbur Chocolates of course, and then went to the Julius Sturgis Pretzel Factory. We took a tour and we all got a lesson in pretzel twisting immediately followed by free pretzels, major win there!
We couldn't go to Lititz without a stop at The Bullshead, always a favorite. The kids played and we sipped on our different brews before heading out once more to Fiorentino's to meet my brother and Sadie for a little airplane watching (the restaurant is at our local airport). David was promised this two summers ago I believe, and it finally happened. It was such a gorgeous night to sit out and watch plane after plane take off. And it never got old for David either!
And then we went to bed. Because after that day of days, we needed it.

And and of course some of these photos are Kerri's.



  1. ah so much! all in one day! i wouldn't have it any other way really. and all of it was fun. was nice when letty could join in on the fun too. and what's a trip without one to intercourse? i'm inappropriate haha. miss you all!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Looks like it was an awesome day. YOu and Kerri look so cute in the pics. Davids sunglasses are awesome lol. We went to Meyers also.. the strawberries are so good. I'm pretty sure Tori and Ava ate as many as we bought before we left. I kept trying to wipe them down so there was no evidence but it didn't work lol.

  3. Gotta love some of the town names in Lancaster County!! Ha!! Sounds like you had a lot of fun! Those pretzels look delicious.

  4. beautiful ladies!!! i love that you guys are so good at keeping up your friendship long distance!! that is the best. and the strawberry picking looks sooo wonderful! but i have to say, i would not be wearing the intercourse shirt. lololol. i have kids, i guess that says enough, right?


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