We are just all about Daddy and Poppop today...
Dominic, age 2 years: The other day Daddy said he was going to cut my hair. He made me sit in the driveway on a stool and then he buzzed two holes in the hair on the back of my head. Mommy didn't speak a word. Daddy went inside and got his keys and took me to get my hair fixed. He won't ever cut my hair again. Poppop? I like his truck. And I like Poppop. (Direct quote.)

David, age 4 years: I like to play with Daddy. Like Hot Wheels or something? When he plays with me. Poppop takes us up the road with him to see trucks. (I wish there was more here to share with you all but David was not one for words this day. I do know that on the days that Daddy is working out of the home David misses him and takes it so personally. And I mean who doesn't love Poppop's kingslayer truck?!)

Letty, age 6 years: I like when he hugs me and gives me hand kisses. I like when he swims in the pool with us and when I count to three he goes under the water with me. I like when Dad has popsicles with me! Remember the time when Poppop lifted us on the tractor? And sometimes Pop takes us out for dinner!

It is like pulling teeth with these kids! Their Daddy and Poppop are just the very best Daddy and Poppops ever and if they only knew how very lucky they are! Happy belated Father's Day to both of you and to all the other fathers out there!

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