So as our Sunday night came to an end and I realized I hadn't taken this week's photo of the kids I did what one can do, and took one of each of them sleeping. Sleeping ones are my favorite though so I mean, maybe I did it on purpose? So yesterday my girlfriend from college left us after a nice four day visit and headed back down south and well we had all sorts of thoughts about that as one can imagine but at least we had the nicest of weekends!
Dominic, age 2 years: He takes things from his brother's bed and moves them into his bed. Case in point, the Jake that is as large as he is. Plus also three books, six pirates, a sea horse that sings, Hulk, and another six or seven assorted stuffed animals.

David, age 4 years: He told me it was okay that Dominic took his Jake because now he's a big kid and he doesn't need him anymore and excuse me while I wipe up my tears but DOESN'T NEED HIM ANYMORE?! Nope. I love how he stacked all his reading books in a nice neat pile before falling asleep because hashtag ocd.

Letty, age 6 years: She was the lucky winner of the donate your bed to the Kerri cause and she was so happy to oblige... She would happily give up her room any old time just to sleep in a king sized bed between mom and dad... wouldn't you dearie?

Anyways... it's always hard, saying goodbye to a friend without knowing how long it will be till the next visit, but that is just what we did this past Sunday night...

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