1, 2, 3 end of year school activities!

This end-of-school type business is no joke! One thing after the other, right? And of course I can't not go to these things; Letty loves them! And I love watching her with her little friends and being a part of her time away from me is the least I can do! In the final two weeks of school she had a carnival, a goodbye party from her teacher, and a Fun Field Day. Imagine next year when this is all times two? Sorry in advance Nonna for all the Dom watching next year, what would I do without you?

First up was the carnival.  Again, first time through this whole public school routine and it's all still new to me. The kindergartners were called on to show off all that they did during the year in gym, which is incidentally, not quite the circus you would imagine. It was a circus, for sure, just less Barnum and Bailey's and more mayhem. My parents even came out to watch the event!
After that program ended Matt had to leave to get Kerri from a day with her dad and I was left to fend for myself, my three kids, and a friend of Letty's that I had also driven to the circus. My parents made sure I could handle myself and they too headed out for saner pastures. They had free italian ice and pretzels for the kids and then a ton of games and a bounce house or two and a craft area. We wandered around checking out all the different stations, my head on a rotating basis, 1, 2, 3, 4... and so on, counting the kids.
I stayed as long as I could people, but one adult, four kids, not for the faint of heart.

Next up was a nice little morning for all the parents hosted by Letty's teacher. She is just the nicest, sweetest, kindest, most-est teacher of all! Which for Kindergarten I feel like is just the very best and most important. Lots of smiles and kind voices and hugs for all! The last week of school she threw all the mommy's and daddy's a little breakfast goodbye party type thing and I just loved every second. Other than the fact Matt couldn't make it because sure it would fall on one of the two weeks he had to be in the office, but I digress. 
The room was decorated with flowers and hanging rainbows all rearranged to fit all of us parents. There was breakfast for all the kids and for the adults alike, and coffee! She made sure to have all the aides that helped during the year and the counselor and the principal come by and say hello and for a quick thank you silent cheer. She thanked all the volunteers such as myself with a mason jar full of fresh flowers and a certificate and a hug! All the hugs with this teacher! She also did an informal little Kindergarten graduation complete with diploma and I mean I am just eating all this up right? She knows how to get to us parents, I think. 
Oh Ms. Carino! How much we have loved having you be a part of Letty's life and we hope and cross all fingers and toes that David has you next year as well! That would just be amazing!

And lastly, for those very few of you who are still with me, was the school-wide Fun Day. What I imagined as a field day type day. Madness, basically. I got the lucky volunteer job of traveling around with Letty's class and that just made my entire day. It was almost four hours of rotating every thirty minutes between different activities. Games, relays, art, eating, parachuting, you name it. Lots of fun and noise! I got home and my lower back hurt and I need a coffee desperately so basically, you teachers? Amazing humans.
And I just love these two together so much! They are so adorable. I'm so glad we get to keep seeing him at church too! Thank goodness for church friends who are also school friends! They will help Letty get through these lonely summer friend-less months. Ha!

This might be the longest post ever and for that, apologies, but this school stuff is no joke! Lots to be done!