the zoo!

It's been a whole year since we have ventured up to check out Zoo America which is quite a travesty considering it's ya know, included in our season pass prices. But as things do it falls through the cracks or the weather doesn't cooperate or something. But last week we made it happen, on David's first official day off school! Which was a Tuesday and he wouldn't have been in school anyways but ya know, summer vacation!

The bear was out, which was new! Also Dom really enjoyed seeing the "crocodiddles" which is just adorable even if they were alligators. We just wandered around in the sunshine amidst the school field trip groups and saw ourselves some creatures before heading to Red Robin for a lunch. A great way to spend the first day of David's summer vacation if I may say so. 

And hey! I just realized that I've never officially announced the big news of my family! For the first time I actually have photographic evidence of a bump and so well! My sister and her husband are having a baby!!!!! And! It's! A! Boy! I'm so very excited. We are all so very excited. And come September I will pretty much be doing nothing but holding that sweet little baby and breathing in all the smells in all the land. Happy sigh.