the first swim, ever!

The first time that it was actually warm enough to use the pool was a few weeks ago and Matt had to be in the office all week. This next to never happens to him and the timing of it all was incredibly ironic, the poor guy. And so it turned out to be me and the three kids, swimming for the first time, in water just barely over 70 degrees. Which sounds warm, but it really isn't. Lips turned blue and the boys were shaking, but we gave it a good go. And I made them wait all day for Letty to get of the bus, because I'm mean mom/fair mom.

The consensus? Everyone just loves the thing! They could spend all day every day just climbing up the ladder and jumping back in. Over and over. Dominic too! Which, he is going to give me a million gray hairs by the time summer is over because there's this whole holding breath thing that is not happening with him. He just jumps right in mouth wide open with his perma grin on and then coughs out the water and... repeat. We are working on it and already see progress but... can never let your guard down when he's around...

The first of many many swims to come I'm sure of it! If it would only warm up and the sun would come out and play...As we face yet another day of clouds and rain. Forks. But without my favorite group of vampires...



  1. aunt kerri is headed to forks! it's fine. i've accepted it as it'll be raining here while i'm gone too. ha. such is life right? make the best of it! prob best i'm not in a bathing suit anyway haha. but those little daredevils. i love it!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. David wins best facial expressions in this post! Hooray for the official opening of pool season!

  3. Oh the rain! It is supposed to rain here all week, which means three pool days/swimming lessons that my children will not be going to. Send wine!

  4. i don't know how kids do that!!! 70s is freezing!!!! i like mine at 86 haha!!! but SOOO fun, still! i know summer is going to be aaaamazing for you guys!! swim all day!!! those kiddos are going to be such great swimmers!

  5. You guys are going to make so many awesome memories in your backyard oasis! 70 degrees sounds a bit chilly, but most kids don't care! I know mine wouldn't. He swam in a 55 degree swimming hole once!

  6. For one, 70 does not sound warm! And, Aria did the not holding of the breath thing too. Close your mouth, stop breathing!!! Instead she inhaled when water touched her face. I'm like...stop? She finally figured it out last summer when she had swim lessons, because listening to mom and dad wasn't happening.


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