so what's new with you?

Oh it is May up in here and I am just all about all things summer and flowers and sun! Let's make it happen, shall we? I've been on Pinterest constantly trying to figure out what I want to do with my deck pots and window boxes... and then I go to the flower store and I am like ohhhh I want all you pretties! Please!
Letty's most recent hoarding addition is this pile of garbage (I say that in the most literal sense, it is actual garbage) that she calls a castle. Her class was working on their 3D shapes and it was right around Earth Day so where did they go for their building supplies? You guessed it, our recycling bin! She brought it home from school and proudly has it displayed in her room. And I'm wondering how long I have to wait till I can throw it out?

We have been watching 13 Reasons Why which I am sure you have been hearing about everywhere you turn. It is sort of terrifying for me, watching this. Projecting the situation onto yourself and your own kids... What if type thoughts and how can we prevent xyz thing from happening. Deep stuff, this parenting gig.

David's last day of school is in a little over a week and I am just so excited! We need to celebrate this! Letty's last day of pre-k involved McDonald's and a biking adventure on the trail... I don't know what he will decide upon but I'm just so happy to have two of my three babies with me all the day long once more.

We are finally free now on Wednesday nights now that church clubs is over... It has been a big commitment, that clubs. I am one of Letty's leaders which is wonderful and I wouldn't have it any other way but the rearranging of our Wednesday's schedule to include the two and a half hours for church was a pest. Worth it. But still. Now we are back to our regularly scheduled planning!

Dominic hasn't really been napping lately. For the past few months he has been waking up at 4:15-4:45 every single day and that's not really very fun for anyone involved now is it so. We have been keeping him occupied during the day, napless. Then we may get him to sleep in till 6. Fingers are crossed this works. I am not getting sappy about this, truly am not. Because the early mornings need to end. Even at the sacrifice of my last napping baby. I'll never have a napper again! This is something that normally would cause lots of tears and self-pity....

And lastly! New Instagram accounts I follow! Elizabeth Parrett, Chateau de Gudanes (restoration of a French chateau that I just can't even with this account, thanks for the tip Brittany!), Halley and Alex (these last two are just because I am really all about the summer vibes lately!). 

So what about you guys? What is new with you all?

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