race for education

I know I've said this to people I actually know in real life, but I'll say it here in case I haven't yet... This school business is no joke. There is a whole world of things happening behind the veil of public school that I had no idea about. The bus stop alone I could wax on about for days!  Oh the drama of it all! 

There have been a lot of firsts for us this past year of course, the firsts of many firsts to come, with me trying to find out the drill, learn the ropes, all while not letting on that in fact I hate new things and I hate not knowing what to fully expect. One such new thing was the Race for Education. A PTO event. Why does PTO make me want to curl up my mouth like I had oh I don't know, a warhead? Anyways so Letty sent out these letters to her family asking for their support (thanks so much everyone who supported!) and then on race day she would run or walk or sprint or skip laps around the football field. Just don't walk on the actual football field because that is hallowed ground. Sidenote: if you aren't from my hometown and that statement confuses you, as I totally understand, just think about Varsity Blues or Friday Night Lights and you'll get my towns love of our high school football program.

That was the event to the best of my knowledge. And then of course I had to volunteer because I need to be there for every single thing I can possibly be there for. I was a "Lap Marker, K-1." Easy enough right? A bunch of other moms I've gotten to know through the past year or two were there as well so that made it fun times. And they had coffee. I just had to wave my sharpie and get sweaty kids to slow down enough for me to cross off the next number on the tag attached to their back.

Okay so the kids all filed in and sat down to such pump-up tunes as We Will Rock You and Eye of the Tiger and I found this to be the most cute and hilarious thing ever. The kids walked one lap as a group and then just went nuts, running or whatever as they saw fit. They got Rita's Italian Ice at some point during the following hour as well but then came back onto the field and ran some more! 
I think Letty prefers the sprinting and the competition part of running to just going out there and running. She kept trying to get the boys in her class to race her which was funny and endearing and all that. She did pretty good, coming in at just shy of four miles. Go her!

All said the event raised something like $18k so I'd say it was great success!