pre-k. a year completed.

I wasn't prepared for David to be a one year preschool only type situation. I was prepared for that when Letty started preschool, only to realize she needed another year there, as we all know. Since David is also a summer birthday I figured oh well he will just do the same. Half day first, then full day three times a week, then full day kindergarten, all over the course of three years. One can never expect one child to be just like the other and that I know but still; I wasn't prepared. We realized very early on that David just could not repeat this same program again. He has always been so smart, knowing his letters and the sounds they make, his numbers and colors and shapes, well before school started. He took to writing his name like a boss.... 
But then he started doing his sister's homework for her. Memorizing emergency contact information, all her sight words, etc. And that is when we made the decision that he would be starting kindergarten just one year after his sister, at barely five years old. We moved him up to 2.5 full days at school to help transition him to a longer day and also to expose him to eating a meal away from us.
And there you have it. He is so ready. He is so excited. He did awesome on his evaluation a few months back. He is friendly and animated and engaged. He's a good kid and he makes friends so easily. He's got more confidence in his pinky than I do in my entire body. And this dude? He just is so very inquisitive and he loves to learn.
Just like at the end of his sister's school year I asked David the following questions...

- Who is your best friend at school? Sydney and Johnny and Liam!
- What was the best part of school? Centers! Then you say what is your favorite center? And I say, trains!
- What was your favorite thing you learned this year? Learning about bugs! That the bugs are so cool but not spiders.  Because they are so scary.
- What will you miss the most? Centers.
- What are you looking forward to most this summer? Our pool and looking for the tanker trucks on the main road with Pop right next to Nonna's house.
So while I never anticipated these two being only one grade level apart, I'm loving the idea that next year they will be on the same floor in the same wing of their new school, looking out for each other. They will probably have friends in common the rest of their days, and while that is a new concept for me I sort of love it. David my love, you are going to love kindergarten.
My letter to David before school started. David's first day of school. His Thanksgiving thing...Christmas program. And now that's it! Over in a blink. When I read all these posts that I feel like I just wrote yesterday it is all a bit overwhelming this time business and the speed at which it goes right on by...Upwards and onwards my young man!