our mother's day

On Mother's Day I got to sleep in till the oh so late hour of 7, at which point I heard tiny giggles and whispers coming towards me from the hallway, bearing gifts of chocolate covered strawberries and coffee, all for me to have in bed. I got some morning hugs and kisses and homemade cards and Matt folded all the laundry for me, glory glory hallelujah! That was all I wanted! We had ourselves a slow morning, I got a nice run in, and we just relaxed before heading out for lunch with my family...
We had lunch at a place called Brick Gables, where none of us had been before. It was buffet style, which meant I went super heavy on the desserts because when I fall off the sugar wagon I fall hard. The boys ate their weight in rolls and cookies and ice cream but at least they didn't complain and everyone was able to a pleasant dining environment. We gave Nonna her presents and left several pots of flowers heavier thanks to the centerpieces. Act casual mom, act casual.
We ended the day back at my parent's, just hanging out and letting the kids run and play, first outside and then inside once the rains came. We basically live in Forks, it rains so much here as of late. Anytime the sun comes out I feel like a whole new woman! Matt hisses and squints and acts like  it pains him as if he's some sort of vampire of the not-Edward variety. It's really such a gas and goodness what would we do without his sense of humor?! Be bored. That is what. 
It was such a nice day! Matt took care of even more things than he normally does and my kids were semi-well behaved and I got some family time and some wine time and what more could a mom ask for, right? Another bowl of peanut butte ripple possibly? And! I got to celebrate with my mama which is just never lost on me how special and important that is. We are such all lucky ladies!

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