my summer goal

This weekend marks the unofficial kick off to summer, right? And a happy Memorial Day Weekend to you all!

It's no secret around here that routines and set schedules are my love language. During the school year, during the summer, it doesn't matter. Towards the end of last summer though as I knew the days were fleeting and I would sit back and watch my children just be children... Running around with dirty feet, smelling like camp fire smoke and chlorine, and I started to wonder if maybe I was denying them some things with my rigid schedule. Obviously I do all the things in all the land with my kids during the day but then come night time I bring the hammer. The late nights my kids had last summer were very few...and most of the ones they had were when we were on vacation...
So. A goal of mine this summer is to not bring the hammer. From the end of August to the middle of June we are stuck with the school's schedule. The bed time has to be on time because no matter what, school comes the next day. Even on weekends the late nights would take a lot out of the kids and make the weekends extra difficult. Now knowing what's coming in the fall for the older two kids I want them to have a summer to remember. I don't want to be watching the clock for 7 p.m. so they can all go to bed and I can hop on the elliptical and just sit and relax and watch tv with Matt. I know that will happen some nights and it will need to happen some nights... But I just want to be more "go with the flow." I want this to be the Summer of Yes.

We have a pool now, for one thing, obviously. I want to do night swims. I want the kids to stay up and see the sunset. I want to look at the stars with them. I want to use a telescope and spot the International Space Station. I want to have fires and do s'mores and catch fireflies. I want to go out for impromptu ice cream dates with my family. I want to stay late at Hersheypark and unload sleeping kids from the van straight into their beds. I want them to go to bed where their only bath that day was the pool (except on Wednesdays because well, that's new bed night, let's not get too crazy here.). I want them to sit out on the deck and watch fireworks. I want to take them all to a drive in movie. I just want to hang out with them, with no schedule, no bedtimes, no routines, and let them be little and young and free. I want to tell them "yes" more.

Most nights. I'm sure there will be days where tempers will be shorter than they usually are and we will just be really looking forward to their bed time. But in general. I want life this summer. A sun kissed hair and dirty feet kind of summer. A Summer of Yes.

Let's see if I even make it a week! Any bets? Ha!

Anyways I hope you all have a great weekend! And hug a veteran!



  1. I think this is an awesome goal! I mean, who doesn't thrive on a schedule? We all do, and we know our kids do too. But sometimes it is needed for everyone to just chill and go with the flow. As hard as that is for moms sometimes. I know me well....there are like three rules in my house and the rest is just "whatever". LOL! I think you guys are going to have a great summer, I mean POOL!

  2. i love this. i wasn't sure what you were going to say your goal was but i'm all for it! obviously not every day bc insanity haha but yes to it all. i heart you! see you in a few days!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. awww i love this! you guys are going to have an amazing summer!!!! i think it'll be worth it to bend the rules a little, yes?! all of us in my house, we totally thrive on routine... but you only live once, right! and these times in life are sure fleeting!! get some late night ice cream and star gazing going, i say!!! :)

  4. Oh I feeeeeel you on this Laurie! I feel you girl, same goal over here!

  5. All the yes! I think this will be my goal as well. I will save the No's for the bigger things!!

  6. That is a killer goal! I'm always trying to remind myself to be the yes mom more.


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