how i plan to unwind this mother's day

I'm a fairly tightly wound individual. Being calm and at peace are just things that I'm not used to doing. My children start every day with "who's coming over today?" Or "what are we doing today?" We are always on the go. This blog actually gets it's name from an Italian word meaning "let's go!" And this is all well and good I live on this; I thrive on the chaos and the constant state of motion. That does not mean however that I don't find myself having moments where I just lay my head down on the kitchen island in defeat because I've just had it. It happens to us all.

I have great aspirations to be more of a go-with-the-flow type mom and most everyone that knows me probably snickers at that because they know that's just not in my DNA. I normally fly my freak flag high... But a girl can always have a goal right guys? Anyways so here's to trying to unwind! Let's all just relax a bit and breathe a bit slower and soak up the little things yes? Especially on Mother's Day!
I have been diffusing Rocky Mountain Oil's newest blend, Unwind, for days now and it just smells so darn good! I have it right in the kitchen so we all can benefit from the lovely smell and the calming effects. Good smelling things can just make a day am I right? Just wait until my lilac blooms. Just wait for it. I'll be the most giddy excuse for a mom there is.

Other ways I plan on unwinding this coming Mother's Day? I plan on starting my day with running (don't knock it, it just works for me). I plan on most definitely not folding my daily load of laundry. I plan on staring at my pretty flowers that I'm just so obsessed with while I sip on my morning cup of coffee. I plan on spending the entire day with my little kiddos. I plan on having a big ole lunch with my own mama who is just the best mama of all and the rest of my family. I plan on tucking in each of my babies that night, taking a moment to pause and remember the past Mother's Days where I would be so sad and forlorn having no babies of my own. I plan on ending the night with my feet up and a glass of wine in my hand. 

And maybe the fact that I used the word "plan" in every sentence in the past paragraph is a good illustration of how very tightly wound I am. Jesus take the wheel.

What about you guys? What are all your plans for unwinding this Mother's Day?