here's lookin at you, kid

It's only natural to look at your children from time to time and search for parts of yourself in them somewhere... Do they have your eyes, or your sense of humor? Your stubbornness? That eye roll right there, where did that come from?  Me. The answer is, any sort of attitude or sass came from me.

And as a mother, nearing Mother's Day, I tend to look at Letty a little bit closer than the boys. After all, someday she will hopefully be a mother as well. Will it happen easily for her? I sure hope so. Will she get a taste of her own medicine from a daughter of her own someday? I'm sure! But let's not rush that! 
 There are so many traits that Letty has that remind me of me when I was a kid... She's skinny and long-legged. Her ankles pop out of her pants because the next size up just won't sit at her waist. She picks at her fingers nails constantly. She is loud (so very loud) and she is fast. She has freckles spotting her nose that just look so adorable when she wrinkles it. She is a hoarder and a collector. She is a chameleon, absorbing mannerisms of whatever friends she happens to be with. She loves to talk and never stops (something inherited not just from myself, but my mother as well). She loves singing along to the radio even though she has no idea the words all while snapping her fingers (yes, just like her Nonna).  
She's my mirror, constantly speaking to me like I speak to her. Mannerisms and facial expressions and tones of voice and sayings. "Oh mylanta!" This causes more strife than good at times. Growing pains on both sides of the whole oil and water situation. There are glimmers of a sweet girl throughout the day where I am concerned though. Glimmers that tend to make up for whatever discord we are currently working through. A sweet apology card. Or a random I love you mom and a hug. Checking in with me to see if I'm ok. A request to stay up late with us and sleep in our bed. I'll take them wherever I can.
Someday I hope to look at my daughter and see an independent, strong woman who speaks her mind and doesn't settle for mediocre. I hope the stubbornness and the strong will we see now will help her move mountains later in life. I hope she can find the humor in any situation and not let things get to her. I hope she has a tough skin but is always kind. And I sure hope she never stops giving me hugs and love. I hope she knows how very much I love her and how much I needed her. She's my one and only. I am so thankful that I'm her mom and she's my daughter! I have a dream in the future we won't be "on" each other so much anymore... That she will just get me, and I will just get her. My little mini me.

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