healthy kids running series, lititz

Organized activities for kids can be quite expensive, and as a family of five on an income of one well, we always struggle with this. Letty would be awesome at dance or David could maybe get some benefit from karate, or what have you, all to find out the price tag and go yikes, well, okay maybe next year? Who's to say that the kids would even like the camp or class we signed them up for? And then what? I mean maybe we are hindering a future Olympian here, who is to say? It's been a debate of ours for oh... six years. Anyways we all know at this point that Letty enjoys running. Not only does she enjoy it but she seems to be good at it (see here and here).

Enter the Healthy Kids Running Series. Coming to a town near us. Five weekly runs broken up by age and gender. I liked the sound of that! She even got herself a t-shirt. The first run was cancelled because of epic rains, so it ended up just being four. Two out of the four she ran in the rain, poor dear. Our spring weather has just been all over the place and I am so over it.

Boy did she run!! She was just so speedy. It was a small group, only five girls in the kindergarten and first grade group... But she still just took off like a shot each week, improving her time with every passing race. At the end of the series they added up the points given to each kid and the girl with the most points got a trophy. And as Letty won every race well, she got the trophy. Yes she won each week. Going straight to her head! Now the trophy is proudly displayed in her room right next to her other assorted running ribbons and medals. We just couldn't be prouder of her and her running game! 

And now, the series in photo form!
Next up for her? Her first 5k! I'm just hoping she can keep the sprinting to a minimum for me so I can keep up...