hands on house!

This is our kind of place right, a house where it is in fact preferable to put your hands all over things. And then use disinfectant because well you aren't the only child getting handsy with that lobster in the grocery store there pal!

We used to have a membership here way back when David was barely toddling around so it has been literal years since we have visited. But I had some free admission coupons courtesy of Letty that I shared with my sister and sister-in-law and off we went! Poor Letty missing out on all the fun in search of higher learning. The price you pay for being the eldest, am I right?

The Hands-on House can be a bit overwhelming to a first time visitor; there is a lot happening everywhere you look. But we had a nice afternoon exploring and letting the kids be kids and all of that. The biggest hit being the grocery store. I mean kids really we don't have to spend $9.50 a person for that! Just come with us to Giant, okay? Except those lobsters are not for hands on.

Now if only they served coffee we would have been set!



  1. So much fun! We visited a similar type of place in New Orleans last year. Mason's favorite was the grocery store!

  2. I love it!! These was a children museum like this in Vegas when I was growing up, and we went there all the time! My favorite part of course being the grocery store!

  3. i feel like i need to have hand sani right now haha. but that seriously looks like the most fun. bc they can jump and throw and do whatever and boom, no worries :)

    xoxo cheshire kat


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