david has graduated from pre-k!

"Goodbye, goodbye
That twinkle in your eye 
Says it won't be long before we meet again

The wind might blow 
It might rain or sleet or snow 
You never know just what tomorrow brings 
Whatever kind of day 
Everything will be ok 
'Cause we'll have another chance to laugh and sing"
I feel like they put that song in the program just so that in case you didn't already have tears flowing, they definitely would be flowing then. It was at that point in David's pre-k graduation ceremony that I hid my face behind Dominic who was perched on my lap and just took deep breaths in his hair before looking back up at David, standing just a few feet in front of me, proud as can be with a huge smile across his face. He's a sensitive one, that boy, and I tried my very best to only show him happy faces. He wouldn't understand how getting up and singing for all the parents and getting a diploma would be such a sad thing, I mean, Kindergarten is coming! Summer vacation! These are all good things! But it is sad and even now, over a week later, I'm still tearing up thinking about it.
It was such a cute little program and I am sentimental enough to just eat the entire thing up. My parents came too, as grandparents do! The kids filed in wearing paper graduation caps they had decorated, walking down the aisle with their hands behind their backs and smiles on their faces. They sang a few songs, their teachers spoke a bit, and then they got their diploma and a hug! Diplomas should always come with hugs, yes? And after David walked off stage back to his seat Dom ran over to him and gave him the tightest of hugs! It was so adorable. They do love each other! Despite all the wrestling!
Then there was cookies and chips! I mean this school knows what David loves, do they not? At first I was confused how he had graduation before his final day of school but then after thinking it through further, how much sadder would it have been for this to also be his goodbye to his teachers? At least he had two more days with them afterwards to lessen the sting. He sure does love Mrs. Messina and Mrs. K! They also gave him a gift of a framed photo of him in graduation get-up and a book about Kindergarten. Sniff! These teachers! I have a feeling they will miss him just as much as he misses them. She said he gets the best smile award. I tend to agree with you there!
Oh my boy. My sweet, smart, sensitive boy.... The places you go and the things that you'll do. Whether you end up being a truck driver or you end up designing sky scrapers, we will always be so proud of you. Just make sure you still give me lots of hugs, I'll always need them.

And I'm sorry I didn't tuck your shirt tales in. I'll be sure to do that from here on out. My bad. But you looked so handsome even all untucked...