butterfly atrium field trip

Earlier this week the entire kindergarten class at Letty's school headed up to Hershey Gardens for their big field trip of the year. Thankfully, I got selected for one of the very coveted chaperone spots. Hot commodity, that job. 

I was assigned four little children to watch during the day, one being Letty of course. The bus ride actually wasn't horrific like I imagined, the kids were pretty good at noise control. I also got a rude reminder that my hair still can get stuck in the bolts under the windows. That happen to anyone else? Flashbacks, I'll tell you.

After the staff of the gardens greeted us we split up to explore the gardens and the butterfly atrium. It was super duper humid in there and my camera had some feelings about that but at least I was able to get a good picture of the major draw, the nine inch wide snake butterfly. The tips of it's wings look like snake heads and it apparently shakes and shimmies to scare predators away. No butterflies landed on any of the kids, but one of the chaperone's had a little hitch hiker for a bit and the kids just thought that was such a gas.
We had lunch! That was fun. Like herding cats... these kindergarteners.

Then we broke in groups once more for different centers.... Making a necklace with a bean seed, checking out different vegetables and planting a bean seed, and then being botanists and observing the different parts of a tulip. 
Then we went home! And I was tired! It was exhausting! But I always hope I get to go on these things. And you want to know something I just love? Some day, these kids could all still be friends and have these images to look back on... You know, right around graduation when kids start to gather photos for slideshows or whatever else cool technology will exist in the future, I'll be able to say oh! I have a bunch! And isn't that grand?? 

Thanks to another mom for taking this group photo! I'm such a fan!
Now everyone have a nice Mother's Day weekend ya hear?