antique silverware display ideas

I'm always a huge fan of shopping in your own home when decorating before going out and purchasing anything. During one of my basement storage exhibitions (because no matter what you say, you forget what you have) I came across a dusty box containing an entire set of Matt's grandmother's silverware. When his father passed away unexpectedly over ten years ago Matt and I were newlyweds... we had no idea what was of value and what wasn't when going through his father's estate.... but obviously people's silver is of value. Sentimental value of course, but like in the movies, when a questionable guest arrives the host mutters to the staff or the wife, hide the silver! So I kept it, never to sell it just to keep it in the family. And it's sat untouched after I meticulously cleaned each piece of tarnish for years and years.

Until I redid our family room/kitchen/great room area. Then they came out. At first I just used FunTak to hold two serving pieces in a basket on the wall. But I wasn't done there.
I know it's not much, but at least they are out and seeing the light of day. I still have some pieces left, but I don't know what else to do with them. Anyone have any good ideas? My sister-in-law is planning on mounting some of my grandfather's spoon collection onto a large cutting board in a fun pattern, which I love the idea of!