a cousins weekend

This past weekend in between swim lessons and Letty's weekly race we had ourselves a lovely little out-of-towner visit! Mainly, our two cousins and family, all the way from the great state of New York. Now to those reading this who are originally from Lancaster County you may be surprised to realize how very much of an appeal there is for those from away to visit all the touristy stuff we have to offer. They hit quite a few of the typical spots down in that part of the county, even visiting an Amish farm. We met them for dinner at one such typical spot, Good N' Plenty. Where the food is dripping in butter and it's all-you-can-eat family style service. I decided if I was going to just lose the farm then I might as well go out in style, eating what I really wanted, the desserts. The homemade apple pie and ice cream that was just so light and fluffy... I made bad decisions. Good ones, delicious ones, but bad. 

See also many cousins hanging out and I just love it so! That little Dean. The cutest little man.
The next day we met them in the chilly rainy conditions for some Hersheypark time! We used to head here every summer when my cousins and I were in middle school and oh the laughs we had with our aunts and uncles and other assorted cousins! But it's been forever and a day since they've been back...

Some things of note? Dana spoiled my children with not one, but two, delicious hot chocolates (a first for David). Mia was David's riding buddy of choice for his first ever roller coaster of the park, The Comet. David also found himself a kindred spirit in DJ (and now prefers to also be called DJ, as he is a David John after all). David did his first upside down roller coaster, the Super Dooper Looper, and well my heart did not have an attack, despite concerns. We had lunch and a beer, we visited Chocolate World and saw a half pound Reese's cup (#goals), and just over all had ourselves a real nice visit.
Thanks for coming down guys and hanging out! Till next time!

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