Yesterday was my mother's birthday and so in recognition of that fact we had ourselves a little chat all about Nonna...
Dominic, age 2 years: Dom can't really play this game but if I had to wager I would say that he loves Nonna because she always has an open supply of ice cream sandwiches and he pretty much will get one no matter what he does or doesn't eat at meal time. He would give her the gift of either not screaming through dinner or a hug, but never both. And he wants everyone to know that every time he gets in the van he asks if he's going to Nonna's house.

David, age 4 years: I love to give Nonna hugs and play with her. Play legos, you know, the water legos? She wants a new desk for her birthday. Wait, do they have a desk mom? Because she doesn't have one. I don't think so.... She wants a birthday cake and cupcakes to eat! I want to tell Nonna that I made a card for her and I love her!

Letty, age 6 years: I love Nonna because she hugs us. And I like her bedroom because it has those little jewelry things in the thing? She wants strawberry cake for her birthday. And we can't tell her about her gift but she wants a new shhhh mommy are you telling her? Okay. She wants a new box for her jewelry things. She wants to tell her Happy Birthday Nonna and uhm I hope you will like your gift!

Kids, right? They have not a clue. They have the very best grandmother in the world with their Nonna. She loves them so very much and is so supportive of them in every single way. I couldn't have dreamed up a better grandma if I tried. We hope you had the very best of birthdays Nonna!

Past weekly shots found here.



  1. So sweet! Happy Birthday to your mama :)

  2. Awwww happy birthday to her!!! It sounds like they have special relationships <3

  3. Aw. That's very sweet of them. Happy birthday to your mom.

  4. i mean seriously the best nonna in all the land! that is the sweetest. and glad if dom was good for her bday haha. happy belated, janet!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. Oh this is so sweet! I hope Nonna had a great birthday.

  6. happy birthday to your mom!!! what a wonderful woman you get to celebrate!!! and ahhh, these photos are THEEE sweetest!! i love their special little drawings!


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