Dominic, age 2 years: Naps and sleep habits make such fascinating conversation do they not? But they just are really like all we are about right now. Fighting of the nap so that we can sleep in past 5 am in the morning... But if he's in the car and he falls asleep (drool and all) okay well so we let that happen. And then we move him inside for a bit maybe... and then we try our best to wake him which I liken to attempting to wake the dead. We have no idea what we are doing. Third time parents, might as well be the first time.

David, age 4 years: Not a tough kid, for sure, but he loves to wrestle. Preferably with his little brother. Preferably when his mother is in the room and after she's told them to knock it off repeatedly, that's his most favorite time. It's usually lots of giggling and so on until Dom hurts David and then he cries like his arm was just amputated. Hence why I tell them to knock it off. David could use to lose a wee bit of his sensitivity and toughen up a bit... In the mean time he'll go to school today with scratch marks all over his face. You win some you lose some. Or you have a baby brother named Dom and you lose them all.

Letty, age 6 years: If you follow me on Instagram than you already know she chopped six inches off her hair last week. It finally happened. It looks adorable of course but it is taking a lot for me to get used to it. Can we braid it? What do you mean we don't need a quarter sized dollop of shampoo? Was it always this thick? She of course loves it but also wants everyone she sees to also tell her they love it. I appreciate how now she always wants to wear the little barrette they gave her after her cut. Ah kids. Next thing you know she'll be wanting a tattoo.

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