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Another month in the books! Yay for April and the daily step towards spring and therefore summer!
That is an old photo. I haven't had one of those good coffees in weeks. Healthy eating and all... Not too crazy let's be honest here because my Diet Pepsi addiction and my love of wine in the evening is going nowhere. But in every other area we are trying to cut back carbs wherever we can and well, creamers and chocolate didn't make the cut. Unless anyone can tell me of a way to recreate a creamer in a healthier way? Normally I drink my coffee black but when Matt gets out the French press then I go fancy.

Letty is like a full fledged kid now. It happens so slowly that I missed it. First her face became less round with every passing day, the wrist creases have long since gone, her hair is now so thick it's just like mine, her feet no longer fit in shoes and her ankles creep out of all her pants. She looks at us sometimes and Matt and I look at each other and just go wow... when did she grow up? I get frequent comments from practically every parent of the other kindergartners that she is just sooooo tall! Yes, I know, I tell them. She's a mammoth. And while I know it means she's healthy I still hate it because you know, she's growing up.

I have been upping my running game lately. Nothing too crazy just a higher speed or some interval training. I'm planning on doing more road runs once it warms up here too. There is a Facebook group of local moms that run and I'm going to be joining up with them at some point. Why the sudden interest in my health? No idea. But it is not a bad thing.

Say whatever you will about Deadpool, but I love it. I know the language is offensive and I know the violence is offensive and I know the adult bedroom activities are offensive but I find it hysterical. I love Ryan Reynolds!  Have you seen the teaser trailer for the sequel? I was crying by the end of it. From laughter. And maybe a bit from my glass of wine but mostly because it's funny. Oh and don't watch it if you're one of those people offended by any of the above.

I feel like our weeks are just us on a hamster wheel, repeating the same actions each and every day all because of this school business. Pack lunches, gather tomorrow's outfits, homework, repeated daily in between all the other things we have going on in life. I'm looking forward to doing more fun spring and Eastery type things here soon. Just gotta add some excitement to what's become a bit of a boring routine as of late.

David's newest thing is.... (get ready) bison. Yup. He watches videos about them. He considers how big he would be if he was a bison. He draws pictures of a family of five bison and he labels each one. Daddy bison, Mommy bison, Letty bison, etc. He maintains that they are super fast, the fastest as 100 units. Everything is in units these days. Not the actual unit like say miles or inches but just something is 100,000 million units he will say. He's quite the exaggerator. No clue where he gets it.

With the date for the release of season three of Outlander being in September, we are in full fledged drought mode here. I was trying to find info about the newest season, a sneak peak, anything really. I learned they are now filming in Cape Town which is interesting and stumbled across this little video of Jamie and Claire listing all they are looking forward to there. In case you too need a little Jamie and Claire.

Dom speaks! It's barely intelligible but he's trying just so hard. You would think that the third time around I wouldn't underestimate a two year old but I still do. He knows his colors and directions and all sorts of animals and I'm left staring at him dumbfounded. Whoops. I did it again. Sold you short. I've been really trying to remind myself of that and I've almost convinced myself it has helped with his behavior.

So what about you? What's new with you?

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  1. That coffee looks amazing! Darn healthy living.
    I was just looking at Aria yesterday wondering why she is so gigantic. Like, dang kid. I'm mildly panicking about kindergarten which isn't even this fall.
    Bison are pretty exciting... that's so funny. Mayhaps he'd like to go to CU and become a buffalo, although apparently it's technically a bison.

  2. I have found some healthier cream versions on Pinterest but none are as good as the original lol. Also- did you watch the real housewives of NY last night? I might be able to actually say it's my favorite of all of the housewives series and that says a lot because I'm borderline unnaturally obsessed with both Orange County and jersey. Also- the growing up thing- so weird. Tori is four now and dan and I are always commenting on how some days she seems soooooo old. Days are long years are short, right? -Ang

  3. That coffee looks amazing!! Whoa! I really need to cut back on the carbs, too. But man, why must all the good stuff in life be a carb? I can so relate on the kids growing so fast thing. My baby is about to be 7. So cool that there is a local group of moms you can join in for runs. I really wish I was a runner. I somehow forget to breathe and that’s just not a good combination! Ha. I love that David has a random interest in Bison. When Mason was 2 he was obsessed with Rhinoceroses’. He would watch videos about them all the time. Go Dom go!

  4. Healthy creamers are a hard thing to find. Someone should fix that lol. I actually love Deadpool so I completely understand where you're coming from there :)

  5. I don't use creamers in my coffee, but I do like using a little bit of almond or coconut milk! Not sure how many carbs are in that but it might be worth a try :) Your kids sound so cute and I love the random bison interest. Sounds like my Dan (who, btw, is my husband lol but he always has random interests!) Thanks for linking up!

  6. Oh that coffee looks delicious! Depending on how crazy you are getting with the healthy eating, there are plenty of "healthier" creamer options. I have found one that is whole30 compliant, but if you aren't cutting out sugar you could always do almond milk! And I am right there with you on the hamster wheel. I am just thankful that school will be over very very soon due to our move...so a little excitement added in there ;)

  7. Go you with your health kick! Keep it up, that running group sounds perfect for you! How fun that Letty likes it too :) Bison?!That is adorable! And Go Dom with the words! Joa is just starting too, riiight after I reached out to get him evaluated...typical. And Septemeber?!!! Neeed to get on finishing Drums of Autumn right now!

  8. i had no idea there was going to be a sequel for deadpool. i also loved the first one. i thought it was the funniest thing i'd seen in forever. i don't know about healthy creamer options and all that, i only drink tea with milk or creamer, when i go hot chocolate i figure there's no point in trying to be healthy as hello.. it's hot chocolate.. so add all the whipped cream! lol. i always need a little jamie and claire, though i really need to read the rest of the books.. starting with #2. i feel like i should just read #1 again. and watch the first season again. i haven't watched the second season because i'm saving it for a good binge. hahaha.

  9. Oh my goodness David he just cracks me up!! That coffee drink looks delicious I want one! And good for you making your health a priority! Ever since kids I've neglected it. Bad eating habits...not exercising enough. Not good :( in trying to take the kids on walks more so that's something! Oh and Steve really thought deadpool was hilarious...I don't think I'll be watching it though ;)


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