we are adults, and we dye eggs.

This year we decided to do two separate egg dying events in an effort to make them less crazy. And yes, we are grown ladies and we dye our own eggs and we save them year after year (they are blown, obviously otherwise, yuck) and we display them and we fly our freak flag high. Matt took the boys home for Dom's nap while the rest of us took to dying. I let Letty join us too because well I guess she is sort of a lady herself now isn't she? My sister arrived as soon as she could as she was saving the world one tax return at a time...

Every year we try and do a different egg design from Pinterest. This year we decided to do rubber cement eggs and decoupaged torn book page eggs. I love the look of the torn book edges and could have just stopped there if I'm being honest but the rubber cement ones turned out so great! You dye the egg a lighter color first, then after it dries drizzle rubber cement all over the egg in a swirly pattern. It helped to use a wooden skewer in the hole of the egg for all of this but if that isn't in the cards for you holding it with your fingers works just fine. Albeit messier. Once the rubber cement was dry then you dye it again in a darker color. Wala! Super easy even Letty could handle it.  
It just wouldn't be a Letty camera post without a shot of mommy with her wine now would it? So, what do you guys think? Are we the only family of ladies who dye?

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