things to look forward to

Oh I know according to the people that "be" Spring is already here. But I'm ready for it to really be here. Sun and green things growing and flowers and flip flops and all that. Other things I'm looking forward to...

- Hersheypark is opening their doors for their Spring hours this weekend! Weather and health permitting we will be practically running down their gates with excitement.

- But not until after the kid's swim lessons in the morning! I was a major slacker with the lessons this school year so they haven't had them since last Spring. They could really use a refresher course before... you know... starts with a p... 

- Checking out the wildflowers at the near by Wildflower Preserve. I tried this solo last year but was a day late and a dollar short. Not this year my friends!

- We signed Letty up to do this Healthy Kids Racing Series that starts in a few weeks. Once a week kids get together and you guessed it, race! Kindergartners will only race a quarter of a mile, but I'm excited to get Letty out there doing something I know she enjoys.

- Spring walks! I love taking walks around our development and stalking the other houses, especially the new ones being built at the top of the hill. Dom likes it too because normally there is heavy equipment up there on display.

- The first fire of the season. In our new fire pit no less!

- Getting outside, just in general. I was out the other weekend on a rogue warm day and I loved just letting the sun bake my skin. I know, sunblock. But the warmth of it all just does a body good, I'd say.

What are you guys looking forward to with the warmer weather?