springtime in the park

Hersheypark is back baby! Just for a few weekends for now, but back! And we got up there as soon as we could to enjoy it as much as we could! 

Sunday was suuuuch a warm day that we obviously weren't the only ones with the same idea, it was basically as packed as an August day! That said the little ones were able to go on ride upon ride. The winter has changed them all, well, except Lena because she always loved rides. But Mikayla and Dom did much better! No tantrums or removal from rides for Dominic, no sir! I thiiiiink David will be moving up a height category but we haven't tested that yet.... And Letty definitely moved up to the Hershey Bars so she wanted to test out every single new ride she could. Her and half of the park population. She was able to do one coaster, the Lightening Racer, and she was so thrilled she had to ride it again immediately with daddy. Nonna blessed all the grandkids with the most delicious pretzels too which you may know, I thought we lost when we no longer got passes to Dutch Wonderland but not all was lost! They still exist!

I just love me some cousin time! Seeing all these kids together... It just gets me. And incidentally all of my children's cousins were present in the park that day! Matt's brother and his family were there too, but it was like ships passing in the night...Another time, for sure.
There are many more visits coming our way, as we do. Including tomorrow! With our Fitzs! And Letty will have someone to go on rides with her and she will be tickled pink!

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