skinny alcoholic summer beverage

I would have absolutely have called this a skinny margarita but well, we used vodka. Not that the caloric intake is that different between tequila and vodka but we just happened to have vodka in the house.
Okay so anyways with the install of the pool and see also our general wish to cut back on certain unhealthy aspects of our diet (carbs and sugars mainly) we were on the lookout for a fun new summer drink that would be low on those fronts. Enter this drink. Call it whatever you will...

- Crystal Light. We used raspberry lemonade here but any flavor would work based on your preference. These pouches we have are enough to make one pitcher. So like four of those to-go packs if that's what you're using.
- 24 ounces of Diet Mountain Dew (I know I know, super unhealthy, soda, yuck, but pick your poison right?). This is about two can's worth.
- Vodka (or tequila) to taste. This drink really masks the flavor of alcohol so just keep that in mind otherwise, party at your house. Matt just pours and counts to himself. To a slow ten....
- Juice of one or two limes
- Water
- Ice
- Salt or sugar for rim if you see fit
In a pitcher you just mix the Crystal Light, the soda, alcohol and lime juice and then top off with water, leaving room for ice.
Matt prefers to add this horrid Mexican flavor thing to the rim of his margaritas and well, these are close enough to that for him.
Anyone else have any fun "go-to" low calorie/sugar/carb options for summer adult beverages? I'm all ears....