our pool is up and our backyard is a muddy mess

That is the God's honest truth. But allow me to back up.

Matt had planned on installing the pool himself. All the excavating, leveling, setting up the walls, you name it. However after some consideration he decided perhaps having professionals do it would be wiser? Professionals who were a bit rough around the edges and chain smoked the day away, but guys who's sole legal profession is putting up pools. And we are just so thankful that we decided to go that route.

And we are well aware that it's nowhere near pool season in these parts but the other option was waiting until the end of May and we have so much else we need to do out back that we thought sooner rather than later. Ideally come Memorial Day Weekend we will be sitting pretty on our new deck or floating in the pool with not a thing to be done... So last Friday, in the rain, our backyard went from a nice big slab of green.... to a holy crap that's much bigger than I thought above ground pool and some green around the edges. 

I took these photos from the same spot in my dining room throughout the day, obviously it twas a bit steamy in the morning there...
Buyer's remorse is a real thing my friend. But we couldn't have really gone any smaller because then what's the point, right? We can have my entire family in there (all 15 of us and you better believe I'll try it. That includes you John.) and still have room to spare so I know it's good. I do. But it is just. so. big. I keep driving by the back of our house like that emoji with the red cheeks and the wide eyes? That one. Me. 

Landscaping and mulch and giving the grass some time to recover will help ease all these things, I know. And I'm sure eventually I'll stop walking by a window, see the pool and have my eyes bulge out. That'll stop. Probably when I hear my children's squeals of joy whenever it warms up enough for them to use it.

So many people to thank I feel like I'm at an award's show! Thank you to my dad for doing all the electrical work! And thank you to Rob for coming and using his Donk capabilities in helping move landscaping. And thank you Colton for donning your super boots and moving sod. And thank you mom for watching the kids for us on Saturday! And thank you Matt for toughing it out in the mud as well landscaping and edging and moving dirt and more dirt and mulching! Thank you! Thank you! Come swim anytime!

And don't you all worry, there will be a finalized backyard update post once things are looking all pretty once more. I know you were all concerned.