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our easter day


Our Easter Sunday was a doozy. At the end of the day it felt like it had been three days, at least. We had school the next day too so we had all our school night activities to complete to boot! 

Dominic gets up super early each morning and we thought he may want a crack at his Easter basket before his siblings but Captain Observant didn't even notice the baskets or the powder footprints in my kitchen. He's going to make some woman super happy in the future I just know it. When the big kids got up they broke into the basket enjoying their chocolate and magna tiles for breakfast, etc. The Easter Bunny also returned all the boys Hot Wheels that yours truly had thrown in the garbage in an irrational fit that resulted in nothing. The boys didn't miss them at all. Nice of the bunny to return them and all that though yea? Letty got an Ever After High book, some Shopkins and those loom rubber bands? You remember the ones. 
After I made the famous Sicilian Easter soup we all packed up half of our belongings, the water table and bounce house and towels and bathing suits and the like and headed over to my parents. Where we spent the next six hours playing outside, having an egg hunt, dying eggs, eating, and the like. It was certainly an odd Easter, being so hot, but it sure was a nice day and the sun felt fantastic!
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  1. I was reading this while Tori was sitting next to me & she pointed to a pic of you and says 'mom is that you?' And I tell her no and she says 'oh I thought it was because of your long hair!' :)

  2. what a day! and you look skinny in that pic sitting down. just saying. and david's hair in the morning kills me. in the best way. i love all the girls in the matching dresses!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. You took such cute pictures!! It looks like a really fun day. Happy Easter! <3

  4. Oh my gosh David's bed head!!! Lol! And love your dress!! The kids look adorable.

  5. This looks like so much fun!! And David's morning hair is EPIC!!!!!

  6. I really think the Monday after Easter should be a holiday! I mean, c’mon! Dude, I used to love the heck out of those loom things. I would spend hours making loom potholders for my Granny! Haha. Oh wait, I just saw hers were the rubberband type. I used to have those cloth-like loom things. Do you remember those? Looks like a great Easter and I love the matching outfits!

  7. ahhh the paw prints are always the best!!! and all the girls matching!! i die!!! and letty's signature photo shot!!! yes!!!! this is perfection!!! happy easter, friend! a week late but still!!


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