on turning four...

This tiny little corner of the online world is officially a whole four years old! I'm not sure I ever thought about how long I would actually keep this up, and heck if I'm being honest I have been questioning that myself a lot in the past year... Someday though this place will cease to be, probably as my kids get older and discover the wonder of the internet and I decide to stop embarrassing them so publicly, you know the drill. But until then it's going strong, keeping forever the things the kids say and do, the places we go, the food we cook and the things we make, all of it, right here in this place. For me, mainly. And maybe one day for my kids, should they wish. If somewhere along the way you too are entertained, well then, icing on my proverbial cupcake as it were.

So thanks as always for reading and for coming here. Some of you I know very well (hi mom!) and most of you I don't, but thank you all equally! Blogging is odd, I am fully aware, but I sure do enjoy it! 
And just for fun, the most popular posts of the past year (some incidentally not even written in the past year, odd)!

Third birthday here. Second annnnnd first.



  1. Happy birthday blog! I think the same things, how long will I blog? Maybe once all four kids are in school and activities it will all be too much. But I do love looking back at all our adventures. Selfishly I want to keep it up so when my kids say "you never do anything fun with us" I can be like....really? really? You see this mountain I hiked you up? LOL!

  2. i cant believe it's been 4 years since you dragged me into this space, i mean lovingly suggested we do this. happy 4!!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. Well happy fourth birthday to your blog! :) I love reading here and am so glad you keep posting!

  4. Happy FOUR years! That’s awesome, friend. Can’t wait to check out those posts.

  5. Haaaaapppy Bloggy Birthday friend! 4 years! That is so so great! Im barely one year into really doing it consistently and it has been so fun to meet other bloggers like you in the process :) Keep it up, I sure enjoy reading your posts! I may not comment all the time, but I'm here, I'm reading! xox

  6. Wow 4 years! That's so great you enjoy it so much. It'll be great to look back on I'm sure!


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