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happy easter weekend!


Happy Good Friday and happy Easter weekend to all! We've got ourselves a jam packed weekend, as I'm sure zero of you are surprised about... Swim lessons and egg hunts and egg dying and lots of food and family time!

Hope everyone has a great time this weekend doing whatever it is you guys do! And hey! I got my kids all in their Easter best and generally not screaming so I feel like it's an Easter miracle! Yes, I bribed them with candy. And yes, we may have used some potty humor to get smiles out of them. Don't judge me....
Ya know, I may have very strong sad feelings about not being able to give Letty a sister, but she sure is one lucky gal to have two brothers. I mean just look at that last picture. Heart. Eyes.

Past Easter photos here, here and here.



  1. it is the best! having a brother that is. since i speak from experience ;) i love these photos and you! have a great weekend :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. Candy and potty humor...totally worth it for these adorable photos! Have a wonderful Easter weekend, friend!

  3. I have a twin sister but I always wanted a brother. I use to ask for it every Christmas. LOL. Your children are beautiful. Nothing wrong with using a little candy to get children to listen to you.

  4. aww sweet babies!!! letty is such a good big sis to her handsome baby brothers!!!! happy easter weekend to you guys!!

  5. Aw they are so cute! Happy Easter!

  6. Have a happy Easter! Those smiles are too cute!

  7. Aww cute pictures! Sorry we didn't get together it sort of snuck up on us. And I feel like my head is in the clouds with the kids being sick CONSTANTLY. Uhg! Let's put a date on the calendar!

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