deck dream list

Other than ripping out the entire deck and starting from scratch (not gunna happen, like ever), I have some little updates and things on the dream wish list that will freshen up our deck for our summer of pool fun (are you tired of hearing about the pool and summer yet? I'd apologize but I know it won't get any better).

//clear globe lights// We have had these out on our pergola for a few summers now and there is just something about globe lights that gets me and feels like summer. See also they make me think of the Mumford concert. //outdoor rug// Our current deck has seen better days and the stain isn't something I'm entirely crazy about so a rug would just be an inexpensive (and easy) way to remedy that. You know me and my thing for grays. //outdoor lighting around the pool// I have a vision of these all tucked into the garden surrounding the pool itself. I'm also hoping the bugs will be drawn down to them and not into our pool water. //outdoor speakers// Yes oh please! How we have survived even one summer without an outdoor speaker is beyond me. We normally just put our iPhone into a bowl and live on a hope and a prayer it doesn't get wet. I love how this speaker looks like a rock too! Extra fun! //new chair cushions. maybe even pillows// Our current cushion situation is dire. They are very neutral and have seen many a sunshiney day. I'm excited to add some color out there! //palms! pots and pots of flowers!// Oh how great would it be to have palms all over the place? I'm not sure how I would winter them over but there is just something very vacationey about them yes? I'm also plotting my flower and window box/pot situation out there... lots of potato vines and bright colors for sure. And then there is always the hope that my lovely lime tree with make a comeback this summer!//

So what else? Just trying to make the deck even more amazing, is where I'm at. What are some staples you guys must have for your summer deck days?