buy me some peanuts...

We went to this event last year and so of course when it comes around again I don't want to miss it... Free baseball and beer? Well okay not free beer, but free ball. And even while I am no sports enthusiast I am an enthusiast of exposing my kids to all sorts of adventures. Sports included I suppose. And this year we were joined by my sister and her family and my sister-in-law and her daughter! I bring all the family to all the things! The more the merrier! Which is always true, I think, when it comes to family.

We didn't do much as far as activities go, they had a lot less than last year. But it was a gorgeous sunny afternoon, there were tables and chairs and beer and pretzels. What more could we ask for where baseball is concerned?
Letty informed me that it is her "signature" to take a photo of us whilst taking a sip from whatever beverage swe may have. I'd say she's right about that.