a field trip. on public transportation.

Last week David's preschool took a trip down to Pet Smart. On a public bus. I'll just let that hang there a second.... 

Needless to say I had to be a chaperone on this adventure. We lined up bright and early on a Wednesday and off we went, bus fare in hand! The ride down was fine... other than an unsavory gentleman asking far too many questions re: the children. Once there the kids were given quite the tour. Animals were touched. A new fish purchased for the school fish tank, etc. 
Once the tour was over we headed to the grocery store where each kid got themselves one whole cookie for being so good before we headed back on the bus back to the school.
It was chilly and had started to rain....

I don't know... Other than a bunch of unflattering photos of yours truly, I guess it worked out just fine. And now I know how to use our town's public transportation should I ever need to get down to Pet Smart.



  1. Oh my goodness, you make me laugh!! And that is quite the field trip ;)! I am tagging along on Ace's field trip next week to Disney on Ice, because I am a paranoid freak. He did give me strict instructions not to embarrass him, and to maybe sit a row behind him and his friends. Needless to say I am singing Frozen songs at the top of my lungs!

  2. Public bus...I mean, what?! Lol. I definitely couldn't help chuckling through this because it's kind of absurd, I think? Hahaha! Glad the trip was otherwise uneventful :)

  3. lol your faces - i mean, i FEEL what you're thinking. but as long as the kids had fun right? :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  4. Hahaha! I feel like your face sums this whole post up

  5. lol at the last line.
    seriously i have never used the bus in this city. i wouldn't even know how to get to pet smart.
    ew at the unsavory gentleman.

  6. oh this is too good. a field trip to petsmart on public transportation!!! your face in the last pic says it all!!! but i know that was such fun for the kiddos!!!

  7. Love the picture of the kids lined up on the bench with cookies...so cute!


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