a day of egg hunts.

This past Saturday there were egg hunts I am sure all across this great nation, and our area was of no exception. We had tried neither of these before and well, it turned out to be a 50/50 success. 

The first hunt was at our local hardware store. Which is random, I know. But I'm so glad that we went to this! It started at 10 sharp. Key on sharp. There were eggs strewn all over the store, all heights and all difficulties. The kids were set free and they were just able to "shop" for their eggs basically. And they cleaned up! They asked the bigger kids to stop at 20 eggs until ten minutes or so had passed to let the little ones catch up so that's just what we did, enjoying ourselves some popcorn and saying hello to all our little classmate friends we saw. Small towns, right? And the candy inside the eggs? Top notch!
Then there was the second one, and a much larger event, a helicopter egg drop. However, due to the wind there was no helicopter. Such a disappointment. But there was a large field strewn with eggs. My brother-in-law and Lena (poor Beth, the CPA, had to work), sister-in-law and Mikayla and my mom met us there thank goodness because we have kids in three different age groups and last I checked there were only two parents. So Nonna took Dom, Matt took David, and I took Letty. And then when they said 'go' it was pandemonium. It looked something like this. If we do this again next year I'm thinking pads. Helmets. And possibly neon clothing so I won't lose my kids in the crowd...Some of these photos are by Ashley. And yes, poor David is missing from a lot of these because he wasn't with an adult with a penchant for taking loads of photographs. Middle child syndrome.

Did you guys do any egg hunts this past weekend?