a chocolate easter bunny

A rite of passage as a child is that one is forced to endure all sorts of ridiculous things for your parents. Such as, sitting on a giant man sized Easter Bunny's lap. I wouldn't do it, yet I make my kids do it. Thankfully the elder two think its all fun and games and high fives, while the youngest, well this year he was not so keen. I tried sitting with him but that was a no go. Mr. EB actually jumped a bit when he saw Dom start to flail. Guessing there are no pads under that fluffy suit of his. My nieces took a note from Dom's book and decided they were afraid of him as well, except they kept their feelings to just tears. After much much much discussion and bribery the girls went right on up and sat quite happily with him for their mamas. I usually don't take no for an answer when it comes to these things, unless you're Dom and then it's just self preservation at that point. The photos with me in them are taken by Ashley, of course.
After all that was done my mother bought the kids chocolate eggs filled with chocolate and then we headed on to the Chocolate World ride. This went much better. There were cows! And it ends with chocolate! We need all the chocolate!
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