I will not mention we are all sick I will not mention we are all sick....
Dominic, age 2 years: He fell on the slide last week, just you know, turned his head to the side and smacked into the slide going 876 miles per hour as one does on slides. For a few seconds there I thought I'd be heading to the ER but then he just shook me off and headed back out on the slide. The swelling is gone and he's just got a hint of an eye shadow bruise.... I should have just handed him a steak and squirted water into his mouth ala Rocky for another round...

David, age 4 years: I brush his hair to the right... He instantly pushes his hair to the left. This results in an Amish-type appearance. Say what you will about his intelligence level on many many areas but when it comes to breaking a habit such as which way his hair should be brushed? We remain at a stalemate. See also please don't suck on your already chapped lip because now you're an Amishboy who also appears to be wearing some lipstick so...

Letty, age 6 years: Speaking of Amish.... there is my daughter who takes no greater pride in wearing a dress or a "toot-toot" (she means skirt as she has since she could speak but she refuses to budge and well it's one of those last "baby" things yet to fade away so I'll let her keep on keeping). But as it isn't summer weather yet we are talking leggings under said dresses. And since she goes to school it's sneakers as well and there you have it. Lancaster County attire at it's best.

Sunday morning just got us real good. The kids were getting under our skin in an abnormal way so we were definitely pushing the iPads to quench the fighting on all fronts. Full moon anyone??

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  1. Oh no!! You guys just can't catch a break! I hope it passes soon. I feel like this flu and cold season was just relentless! Ugh!

  2. it's a full moon this week. couple days. tomorrow or the next day. IT EXPLAINS SO MUCH. feel better, all! text me later :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. Ha classic sneakers with a dress Lancaster county attire ;) too funny! And sickness...it just sucks.


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