Dominic, age 2 years: I sound like a broken record here, and believe me, I'm not exaggerating and yes, I'm sick of it too, but Dom is sick. Again. The antibiotics wrapped up last Thursday and that very same day he came over to hug me and he had a fever. A few days of that plus some horrible sounding respiratory thing makes me think we will be heading back to our favorite local hang out spot, the pediatrician's office.

David, age 4 years: He got a smaller version of what baby brother has but it didn't wipe him out as long. He did miss school last Friday though. He spent a lot of the day on his iPad in between rounds of asking for hugs. I really do wonder where he gets his hugs all day long at school. Someone's job is to go around hugging the kids right?

Letty, age 6 years: We decided no late nights for this girl this weekend, just promptly to bed at seven like her brothers. Mean parents? Nope. If she can't speak kindly to yours truly after a late night than she doesn't get said late nights. Except when it's church. Exceptions can be made for her religious well-being, I suppose.

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  1. oh no girl did not ruin her late nights. well done, letty. ha. but consequences are a good thing. professional hugger at the school sounds like a lawsuit but i'd hug that sweet boy all day if i could! and no more sickness please!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  2. waaaa i hate that dommy has been ill again!!! i hope you got your silver to try! can't hurt. that is misreable :(

  3. Uhg poor Dom and David!! These kids can't catch a break! Summer please hurry!

  4. To bed at 7? When do they get up in the morning? I feel like if Aria went to bed at 7 then she'd be up at 6.

  5. HA! That last paragraph! And poor Dom! I feel ya man, I feel ya.

  6. Hope everybody feels better now. Oh, Letty should learn her lessons.

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