this weekend past

This weekend past Letty had to do 45 minutes worth of reading. They started a new program at school and I'm not sure how I feel about it. Fifteen minutes a day when only two very short books come home for the whole weekend well, she read them about 9 times each. 

This weekend past we had dinner with our lovely Fitzs and the kids got to watch Sing and cuddled in sleeping bags between laps around poor Steph's house.
This weekend past my mom and Letty and I went to see Beauty and the Beast and my goodness I can't tell you how much I loved that movie! The sets! The costumes! The casting! The song they gave the Beast that I have on repeat! Le Fou! Loved loved loved!
This weekend past we really made a conscious effort to eat less carbs/more veggies. I'm not going to go out and say we are going full Whole 30/clean eating but. Maybe a toe dip.

This weekend past we watched the first two episodes of The OA and while we have noooo idea what is going on we love it!

This weekend past Letty and Dom had a bit of a nasal situation happening so it was just David and I for church. Which I didn't actually even go in and hear the sermon I had to have training about being a mandated reporter because I volunteer there with child care. Heavy stuff to discuss on a Sunday morning, for sure.
This weekend past my mother suggested that Matt and I go and see Beauty and the Beast on Sunday night and I mean YES! Matt was so jealous that he didn't get to see it when we went earlier as he too is a huge fan of the original movie.... so we were thrilled my mom suggested this! Thanks be to Nonna for coming over for dinner and watching the kids and putting the kids to bed for us! Matt also loved the movie, of course!
So how was everyone else's weekend?

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