the great backyard pool caper. the plan.

I'm dreaming of all things spring and summer lately! Please and thank you! The biggest thing we are looking forward to this summer is that we will be putting in a pool! An above-ground pool, but a pool nonetheless. Permits have been gathered, the pool is in our possession, and we have a plan! See also, the longest list of to do items possibly to date.

As it stood on a warm October evening last fall this is what our backyard looks like from the point of view of the fence.
What needs to happen? Well I'll tell you!

We already moved the fire pit from the right side of the yard to the concrete slab where our old pool used to sit, behind those grasses there on the left, and we love it there! It just makes so much more sense. And no mowing around it either!

- Move the playset. As it stands now the slide would go riiight into the side of the pool so we will be moving it to the left closer to where I was taking the above photo and sort of on an angle.

- Remove mulch from around the river birch (which is to my left and off camera from where I'm taking this picture). Seed that area. 

- Remove the sandpit (there was a cat in our backyard over the winter, so... yuck!) and then seed that area as well.

- Plant things on either side of the yard still inside fenced in area, straight out from where pool will go to give us privacy. I'm thinking maybe river birches as of now because they are fast growers and will hide a lot of surface area.

- Excavate the backyard until it is level and bring in sand and whatever other technical things Matt will have to do to prep it for the pool.

- Install pool. Yeah I'm going to be on kid duty for that one.

- Turn the back railing of our deck into a sliding gate. Picture, barn door.

- Build steps and a small deck around the pool.

- Remove those five bushes there under the deck and scatter around the pool along with the grasses by the concrete slab area.

- Move the hydrangeas from the corner garden that will no longer exist to the right side of the pool.

- Mulch around the pool.

- Stain the deck. See also stain the playset.

- Install hooks for towels.

- Install outdoor speakers.

- Install ground lighting around outside of pool.

- Get all new chair cushions and beach towels.

- Get a nice tan and enjoy the pool all the summer long! 

And we cannot wait to get started! Anyone else have any big summer house plans?