ten things that make me happy rightthisverysecond

1\\ It's Friday! And there is coffee! And in just a few short hours my babies will all be home with me! Sure, Letty will want to retreat up to her room, but she will be here! Safe and sound in my tiny bubble world! Life is good!

2\\ Coffee when it's light, and wine when it's.... well, almost dark. Matt and I have been playing around with different cocktails trying to find a healthier (I know, it's still alcohol, but bear with me) option and have finally narrowed it down. Let's just say it's going to be a great drink for the summer days and nights out on the deck!

3\\ Speaking of healthier, Matt and I have been making a conscious effort to eat better as of late (I may have mentioned that a time or two) and hey! The scale is dropping so that's always a happy thing in my book!

4\\ Sometimes in life you just need to giggle at something like the responses to this tweet. Normally I take my 1990's Olympic figure skating quite seriously, but still.... Definitely got a few snickers out of it! Thanks to Grace for sharing that one last week...

5\\ Imagining our backyard construction zone all gone and the new oasis we shall create out there! For some reason I'm obsessed with finding new chair cushions and towels for the deck and they all. have. to. match! Like these turquoise towels and these chair cushions!

6\\ Looking at stills from Beauty and the Beast (like this one, and this, and this!). I just loved that movie so very much and I'm sure you're all tired of hearing about it, but until I can have it in my clutches I'm going to have the soundtrack on repeat and these images to carry me through.

7\\ I get to start shopping for the kid's Easter baskets here shortly and while I have a few ideas, (magnatiles, for one) I really have no idea what to get them. Amazon here I come! I love buying stuff for the kids but rarely do because: budget.

8\\ It'll be summer vacation for Letty in 74 days and for David in 49 days. Let the summer of yes begin! I have big plans for this summer, naturally. Countdown is on.

9\\ Scrolling through Tory's Instagram feed... Sometimes I feel like I'm a hippie trapped inside the body of a neurotic, dirt-hating, stay-at-home with my fluffed pillows type person... I love seeing all the places these van dwellers go and I think wow, what a life! I want that life! But then I'm like oh heat and a nice comfy bed, God bless you! And I'm a stage five clinger with my family so.... I'll live vicariously through accounts such as hers. But I'll still never skip a good sunset. My inner tree hugging hippie wouldn't allow it.

10\\ Last week we figured out how to use the whole Amazon Prime video feature (I know, I know) and I'm sooo excited to hopefully have a movie night with Letty this weekend so she can watch Fantastic Beasts! The immortal world of Harry Potter! Keep them coming please!

What about you guys? What's making you happy on this Friday?



  1. Happy Friday! We are seeing Beauty and the Beast today! I'm super excited. Haha at number 9. Me too! Oh that looks so fun, but..air conditioning.

  2. ok well i'm totally stealing this post idea. bc there's so much to be excited about if you ask me. including coffee and eating well and scales dropping! so proud. we are both hippies trapped inside of bods who kinda like our routines, right? i think about it then i like my things. and my friends, and my apt. lol. it happens. i am looking forward to visiting you so that's tops on the list! happy friday :)

    xoxo cheshire kat

  3. i don't think we can use the amazon prime video thingy, we are on my MIL's prime so i don't think so. only free 2 day shipping, which is good enough for me. i can't wait to own beauty and the beast so i can watch it all the time. the soundtrack is fabulous.

  4. I loved the new Beauty and the Beast! We took our 5 year old for her birthday last week and she loved it too! I need to order the original on DVD.

    Those turquoise chair cushions are beautiful! Have you ever checked out World Market? WE LOVE their patio accessories, they're our go to every summer.

    Share your new summer drink recipe with us!

  5. Amen for coffee, forever and always! Keep it up with the healthy eating and keep sharing Matt's recipes too please and thank you ;) OMG that tweet! Dying! and I love DWTS! I took Mia to see B&B last weekend and we are still reveling in all its glory, so so good! Last three things: Bring on summer! Wanna be hippie ova here too! me too! and teach me about this amazon prime video feature! Have a great weekend!

  6. i loved the responses to that tweet, too!!! haaaaa!!!!! so so good!!! too good. oh man. and i am WITH you on the hippie trapped inside the neurotic nester situation!!! i am there, sister. soooo there. instagram to the rescue, haha!!

  7. If it's the drink you made for us last Saturday...I agree it was a keeper! Can't wait til summer! It's soon here! Happy thoughts :)


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