so! what's new with you?

February went by in a blink and I'm not too sad about it. It was my first attempt at a "no spend" month and I did pretty good, all things considered. Of course we had to take Dominic to the doctors and get him various prescriptions but I mean, those things happen. Overall we did it. Matt thinks March should be a "no spend" month too, to which I laugh in his general direction.
We got our delivery of Girl Scout cookies the other day and they were gone faster than you could say "tag-a-long." The kids (and Matt and I) were like vulchers. This is why things like that can't be allowed into my house. Also in that category? The Foods Not Allowed in My House or I Will Eat Them All category? Oreos. Yeah, I know you feel me. And Salt & Vinegar chips. And Christmas Tree Cakes. All willpower goes flying out the window when those things come through my door.

Letty has been working on a loose tooth for forever now and I have a feeling one day she will just lose like all four of her front teeth and will be unable to eat anything but milkshakes. She's a late loser, apparently. 

Last week was just out of control busy. Matt said I do it to myself but I can't tell the kids they can't do school things, right? Or no child, you cannot go to a birthday party because that week is just too busy already? That's not right. Sure I could have stayed home from a ladies night (not gonna happen) or I could have said no to a play date (probably should have) but ya know what can I say? I'm a sucker for such things. 

We had David's first ever school conference last week and it just went as expected. No concerns, smart kid, lovable and a joy to have in class. The only thing she mentioned that they are working on is his sore loser thing. It's an issue, but out of all the concerns we have with him its not near the top of our list. Apparently he keeps his crazy locked up at school and then just waves his freak flag proudly upon arrival at home.

I know that I'm probably like the last person to hear of Walk Off The Earth but this video came across my Facebook feed the other day and I am totally impressed by these guys! How does one do this stuff?! I loved their version of Royals too. The guy with the beard is just my favorite, he's so serious! Must be his schtick.

When the big kids are at school and its just Dom and I the house is so strangely quiet! It's turning out that he's actually a quiet kid? Which is just such a shock because he is always the yeller! The screamer. The squeaky wheel that gets the grease. It's been sort of nice to have gentle, calm conversations with him during the day!

I'm sure everyone and their mother has seen the Instagram Husband video by now but it still cracks me up every time I see it! Especially the guy who has the nervous tick situation happening with his eye. I don't have an Instagram Husband (I know Matt, goodness you are such a slack husband). But I am an Instagram addict. Some new accounts I've found this past month, because I know you're dying to know.... Victoria, Lina, and Michelle.

So what about you all? Anything new?

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