school rollerskating day!

I used to go here when I was in middle school, back when rollerskating parties were a thing kids did for their birthday, and not a thing has changed in those twenty years since. Okay, other than the music. La Bouche has been replaced with Ed Sheeran and Justin Timberlake... But the same faded blue carpet lines the walls, the same wooden floors still have a slight incline in each corner, the same roller skate sign that lights up during certain songs, even the same nasty old brown skates! It was very surreal, walking back into that building with my daughter instead of my friends, my only concern being holding her hand and keeping her from falling... The words "couple skate" floating around in my brain bringing back quite a few angsty feelings. I had a love hate relationship with those words. I'm not alone there right? 

Thankfully as these were elementary school students those words were not spoken over the ancient loud speaker. But even if they were, I had my partner right with me. 
She had gotten skates for Christmas from her Nonna and Poppop and had tried them out on the sidewalk a few times in the week leading up to this party. She wasn't very good though. Her legs would go out from under her and she would flail and fall over and over. And over. I was informed to never let go of her hand and so I didn't. Pulling her up time and time again until my arms hurt. She wanted to give up after an hour but I encouraged her to just keep trying and eventually it clicked and off she went! She went pretty fast too I had to actually skate skate to keep up with her. She fell, sure, but she loved the speed! 
Her only disappointment in the day was that there were only three other kids from her class there, and the boys gave up easily so it was just her and one other little girl most of the time. But you just need one friend to keep you company... and they looked so cute holding hands skating around, Letty a good foot taller than her friend.