reading night

It was Read Across America Week, last week. Letty's school sent home a copy of The Mouse and the Motorcycle for us to read as a family. All week long they had a different theme each day... Mixed up day, crazy sock day, dress as your favorite book character day, you get the drill. Thursday night was their Reading Night plus book fair. The entire family was supposed to go and they had various activities and snacks planned out across the building. All culminating in the reading of the final chapter of the book. Dom had started with his stomach thing so he had to stay home with Matt, not that Matt entirely minded. 

We immediately ran into David's little girl friend and he insisted that we wait for her and her family for all the activities. Chivalrous. Plus he asked permission before he held her hand so I mean! I'm pretty much done here, right? Haha! Her dad really appreciated the gesture. Anyway he can be so adorable when he puts his mind to it. Letty loved showing off her school to her little brother, especially introducing him to her teacher and her most favorite ever, her gym teacher. We really loved seeing the photos that my dad took of Ralph at his office in New York too!
The final chapter being read was a bit painful for us all. We could barely hear the readers in the gym and it was the end of the night which meant already past the kid's bed times. 
Letty and some of her friends just had to get a photo with their teacher, who in my opinion, has just the best costume. 

Such a trip, hanging out with my kids in my old middle school. I cannot wait for the new building that is opening up next year because this one? It's showing it's age. And it isn't aging well, for sure.