our weekend

Are we tired of the weekend recaps on a Tuesday? Maybe it sort of makes the weekend seem longer or some such thing? Weekends are too short and too fast around these parts (and everywhere else I imagine).

Friday our plans were slightly different and we had dinner with my family instead of our Fitzs. My dad did a lot of grilling and my mom made twice baked potatoes but instead of potatoes it was cauliflower. So I guess it was technical twice baked cauliflower? And. I. Even. Tried. It. If you're new around here I am notorious for hating my vegetables. But I'm working on it. After dinner we put the boys to bed and did some googling like in the olden days and figured out how to purchase and watch a movie through Amazon Prime. Great Success! Rogue One it was!
Saturday morning there was an event at David's school (more on that later, as one does), followed by a lot of backyard activity. As I said on Friday we have quite the to-do list and we got a few big things off that list. The sand pit is gone (thank heavens!), the play set is moved, all the ornamental grasses have been chopped down, the grill is down on the patio now and all the outdoor furniture is back up and ready for use! The kids came in filthy and muddy but thrilled.

Saturday night we had Matt's brother and his family over for tacos, Matt's favorite. We gave our nephew his gifts since we couldn't make it to his birthday party the week before. We also introduced them to Moana, with Dom showing off his typical dance moves...
Sunday was a much cooler day temperature wise so we just hung around inside, the kids destroying the basement and watching movies and me prepping for the upcoming week. Sunday's give me the blues, I'll tell you. Packing lunches, gathering up the kid's outfits for the next day, making sure their homework is done and that it's not oh I don't know, wear purple to school day on Monday or something. It makes me forlorn. But! Done and done so that we could run down to my brother's new house for a (almost all) sibling dinner! Mexican! Again! This time there were beeritas!!
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  1. weekends were meant for taco nights and beeritas!

  2. Hey, I am all for dragging out the weekend as long as possible! I was on a low-carb kick for a few years and my mother in law made me a low carb birthday dinner once. I was pleasantly surprised by how good the cauliflower mashed potatoes were. I didn’t want to try them, but I did and they weren’t awful. I’m like you though, not a veggie person at all. How do you like those thermos you put in the kids lunch boxes? Do they leak at all? I need to get one for Mason.

  3. beeritas! yum. those tacos look legit. yum. i am not a veggie hater but i am a hater of people taking potatoes away. give me potatoes all day every day. i will also eat veggies WITH my potatoes thank you very much.

  4. i'll take a beerita :) and nice work on tacos with no shell. proud. i am also proud of your veggie exploration. haha. congrats all around! and screw the sunday blues. lame

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. Oh my gosh Dom dancing. THE CUTEST!

  6. well what a delightful little weekend!! i love the playset you guys have in your yard!! my little bunners would love that!!


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