our full final week in february

I've mentioned it a few times here or there, but the other week was just a week of weeks. Late nights and one kid here and the other kids there. Function after function after function. When it rains it pours, as they say.  So an iPhone camera roll dump as it were, of our full final week in February.

Tuesday had David's school conference in the morning and then Dom's sick visit to the pediatrician (this was before the lovely stomach bug that hit him this past week. Yaaay!). One nebulizer treatment and two prescriptions later we finally got home just in time for me to head off to dinner with all the adult ladies in my family. We ate so much food just thinking about it makes me need to go change into larger pants...
Wednesday was Lena day and also Clubs day. Church at night on a Wednesday always leaves me exhausted. I like to get the boys bathed and in pjs before I leave to help Matt with that whole transition... Lunch packed and tomorrow's outfits ready to go too... all to head out and be with a dozen screaming kindergarten girls. I come home on edge

Thursday (ahh I miss the warmth and the sun of the final week of February!) the bus stop turned into a play date that turned into a dinner date that was immediately cut short because we had to head out to David's school for a fundraiser. I actually left food out on the table! I know you're aghast. As was I. The Family Fund Night at David's school had different activities in different classrooms as well as lots and lots of raffles and food. We visited a bit in a few rooms before hightailing it out of there to the high school for their Annual Science Night. Once there we spent most of the time trying to corral all the girls from Letty's class from running away all while entertaining Dom and also trying to foster David's interest in experiments. Oh and sweating. Because it was warm.
Friday! It's sort of a mess, Friday mornings. Drop off Letty, drop off David, go in to Letty's classroom to volunteer, pick up David, all before noon. Matt went to help my brother with something at his new house and then that night was David's first birthday party with friends from school.

Saturday was the rollerskating party in the morning of course. Matt went to help my parents with something at my Grammy's house and I took the kids across the street to the neighborhood cornhole tournament. I don't think he really minded missing it but I didn't want to, the kids love this thing! They petted animals, played in a corn kernel table, and got self-serve vanilla ice cream. What's not to love!? While there though the entire room got a warning on their phones of a potential tornado coming our way. I debated staying there with all those people or running across the street in the open elements with three kids. I had juuuust decided to stay when the homeowners made an announcement about the tornado.... at which point Letty started crying and insisted we get to a basement and as far away from windows as we could, preferably under the stairs. This then set David off as well and so we left, two out of three kids crying, sprinting across the street while Dom giggled from my arms. From the "tomato" warning. We hid in the basement until the warning passed just to placate Letty. And then to wrap up the evening it was OTBN
I need a nap just reliving this all. Wow what a week! School man.... not for the faint of heart! Tell me how you school moms keep it straight? There's gotta be a school hack or something for this.