our final (hopefully) snow day of the year

Stelllllllla!! She affected quite a lot of us now didn't she? Thankfully we knew she was coming and we were prepared. We had our wine, is what I mean. Our day started slowly, all hanging around by the fire, watching daddy snow blow for hours upon hours... Eventually we were brave enough to start the task of getting dressed to go outside and go outside we did. Let me tell you it is really hard to be two and walk in a foot of snow. The struggle was real!
After lunch while waiting for their wet snow things to dry I set the bigger kids up with a tupperware of snow and some water colors. Which! So much easier than prepping them to go outside, am I right? Letty is just at the cusp of being able to handle getting herself dressed for the snow and that's pretty amazing if I don't focus on what that really means (i.e. that she is getting older and more independent and doesn't need her mama anymore and she's just slipping through my fingers and is probably going to want to go to college in like, Oregon and she will never move home after she graduates and I'll only see her once a year and then her children will think I'm practically a stranger!). Now that's a dead end conversation on a road to nowhere...

Moooving on.
The bigger kids headed outside then once more and played in the backyard, discovering exciting things like the fire pit and the like before I used my executive powers to call the outside play done for the day. They kids had more of the same the next day when the schools closed once more. I love not having to be tied to a school schedule! I loved being able to turn off all the school alarms set on my phone and just go at our own pace you know? I know these days will have to be made up and I know they will cut into our summer and that part stinks, yeah, but days at home staying warm and getting a break from school are just the best. But I do hope that we are done with them for the year because SPRING! My spring wreath on the front door looked mighty odd surrounded by piles and piles of snow. So how about it Mother Nature? Let's move on shall we?? We have a pool to install!