open that bottle night!

Or as we refer to it, OTBN. Matt and I were trying to remember how long we have been privileged enough to be invited to this event and we just decided that I was pregnant with Letty for the first one so... figure seven years. It's a smaller group now than when it first started, just shy of a dozen people, but they are a dozen lovers of all things wine! 
This year's theme was Wine and Roses.... so you could really take that in a few different directions but most people settled on the wine or the vineyard or the grape or whatever had to start with either a 'r' or a 'w'. There was also the food, of course, so very tasty! 
After everyone catches up a bit we all do the tasting, as everyone brings a bottle to share. There was a game that Matt won, a wine trivia nerd that he is. After the tasting there was another game, this time trying to guess if a wine of the same grape was made in the United States or Europe, no easy feat!
We also got to cuddle with Matt's godson who we haven't seen in a few months and he just stole the show from everyone, that little cutie. And such a night owl!!! I think he liked Matt's beard...
We always look forward to this event every year and always leave still laughing from the stories we hear, cheeks rosy from the wine... The best kind of night! Thanks so much to our hosts and to my awesome parents for watching the kids so late each year for us! And we did our first Uber home! So thanks to that guy too.

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  1. This always sounds like a fun time! And yay for surviving Uber!!

  2. Aw. I wish we have this too here. Sounds fun to a wine-lover like me.

  3. This sounds like so much fun! And the spread looks so delicious!

  4. yay uber! saves the day :) game changer right? i want to eat all the meats and cheeses please. and wine. all the wine. I'm glad you guys still do this!

    xoxo cheshire kat

  5. oh i bet that uber home was SO easy!!! what a fun excuse for an evening out!!!

  6. What a fun event! I love wine parties. :)

  7. This is such a fun annual tradition! and great idea with uber!


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