moversary. three years!

It's been a whole three years since we packed up all our stuff and moved the 30 minutes back to my home town to be as close as we possibly could be to my family (stage five clinger, stand right up). We have done an awfully lot to this house over those three years (clearly) and some things we did we have already redone so.... Can I say we are finished? Never. Because I am not foolish enough to think that this is the end of the decor road for us. I initially posted this photograph to Instagram the week after we moved in and I love to recreate it each year. Yes, it's missing major rooms like the kitchen, Dom's room, the basement, but you know me and recreating photos...
Every single room has had some sort of slight change in the past year whether in decor or paint or simply moving a piece of furniture. Ch-ch-ch-changes!

Still to be done!
- the pool (above-ground)! and all that comes with that - deck renovations, gate building, landscaping changes, you name it.
- the master shower. 

And for fun, the initial photo that I'm recreating here... I actually love looking through these and not only seeing all the hard work Matt has put into this home but I forget, you know? The different stages this house has gone through... It's a trip down Home Decor Memory Lane.
Last year's moversary here!